Dill Seeds

Dill Seeds

Dill is annual herbaceous crop having leaves with pleasant smell and warm taste and yellow attractive flowers. The Indian dill is native of Northern India.

Botanical Name: Anethum graveolens

Common Name: Sowa, Suva, Dill, Indian Dill

Cultivation and Production: India is the World's largest producer & exporter of Dill. In India major dill seeds cultivation, states are Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

In India it is mainly harvested in February and March.

Availability: Round the year.

Packing: We can serve as per buyer required weight in various jute, PP bags & Paper Bags packing as per buyer requirement. 


Product name Quality Specification
Dill Seeds (Suva) Machine Clean 95% to 99%
Sortex 99% to 99.8%
Grinding Quality


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Usage :

  • Dill seeds can be used Whole or crushed and added to bread, soups, or vegetable dishes.
  • Dill is versatile herb that can be used in a variety of dishes, such as in a potato salad, tzatziki sauce, or over fish.
  • Dill seeds can be used as a spice to flavour foods like pickles or bread.